I’ve signed up for the 100 Day Project!


I always see people doing things like this and I admire their creativity, and envy them for their motivation.  Honestly, I could sit on the couch and eat Taco Flavored Doritos every day for 100 days and that’s about it, because I’m lazy.  I’m not exactly what you’d call a go-getter, but I do like lists and checking things off.  And I have a lot of things I could put on and check off this list, including spring cleaning, dry cleaning, soul cleansing, and all the other things I see on Facebook that I’m supposed to be doing while wearing some sort of yoga pants.  (I do own a pair of yoga pants.  However, I call them “pajamas.”)

So I don’t have a big plan for these 100 days — I’m not going to do a paint-by-numbers “Last Supper” or invent something or even diet (though I should do all three of those things) — instead I’m just going to live my lazy life, but I am going to update here every single day for 100 days, even if it’s just a quick story, a quick sentence, or a stupid picture.

So today we begin.  And I will start with a photo from yesterday, the lamb cake I made for Easter:


(This is him on my lap on the way to my mom’s.  By the time we got there, he’d sort of melted.  But he still tasted delicious.)

I’d wanted to do a lamb cake forever and I finally got a mold.  I’m not a good cook; my baking skills are as good as the directions on the box.  But I was determined to do it and I did!  The sense of triumph I felt when I took off the mold and his face and ears were intact rivals any other triumphs in my life, including winning the Brownies costume contest in third grade (I was Minnie Mouse) and getting my MFA (just before I tripped and fell off the stage).  The ears were perfect!  The face was golden and shapely!  I had done it!  My neighbors must have thought I was being murdered or won the lottery, thanks to my screams of joy.  And then I frosted him and he kind of looked like a poodle, but still.  I was STOKED.

I loved him so much I wanted to shellac him, but alas, he was sacrificed for dessert.  Now I know how kids in 4H feel.  (Kind of.)  But this little lamb made me so happy, and made me feel like I could take on so many more things in life and succeed — within reason.  I know I can’t do a complicated paint by numbers set or invent anything or go on a diet.  But I can make a cake from scratch, and that is a mad skill.

Aaaand there you have it.  What you can except for the next 100 days!  (You should sign up. too.  Go to the link above for more information.)

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