All About Me.

Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations… (Picture a 1970’s photo of a sunset here.)

I think my greatest aspiration in life is to become the next Judy Blume or Dorothy Parker. If that doesn’t pan out I may take up skydiving, so I really, really hope that my writing career takes off. I’m a bit scared of heights.

What I’ve Done and Where I’ve Been

I have my MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College, where I received The Marion Boess Haworth Prize two years in a row, and The Ardella Mills Scholarship.  I was also chosen as the graduate Sesquicentennial Celebration speaker which was a huge honor, until several graduating seniors staged a protest and noisily walked out in the middle of my Big Moment. (I was reassured that they were protesting the war, not my inspirational speech.)   Since then I’ve written a lot of facebook status updates, tweets, and student loan payment checks, but I have also been a featured author at Litquake, The Moth, The Art Beat Foundation, The Beast Crawl Literary Festival, The Mission Creek Festival, The Mixing Bowl Reading Series and The Rebel Reading Series.

My Contact Information

I can be reached at*

*I will write for food. Especially tacos.

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