Five Days to Go Go Go!

It seems incredible, but in nine days we get the keys to the bookstore, and our lives are going to change completely (again). We’re excited and nervous and thrilled and scared and many emotions in between.

One of those emotions is grateful. We have five days to go on our indiegogo campaign, and though we may not make it, we’re so thankful to have come so close, and to everyone for their generosity and faith in us. It’s humbling… And motivating.

And we’re motivated to get as close as we possibly can, so today I have a special offer: anyone who donates over $10 today will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift certificate to the store when we open June 1st! You don’t even have to be local to win — I can send you books!

The link is here. Feel free to share far and wide! We’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning.

Thank you for all your support… I’m looking forward to fun dispatches from “The Alibi”! (You can already find us on Instagram: @alibibookshop and Facebook.)

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