Last Call!

last-callAs of writing this, there are 32 hours left on our indiegogo campaign — we’re at 83%! We “only” need $5004, which is A LOT of money, but considering how generous people have been, we feel very lucky indeed. VERY lucky.

But we would still love to get to the goal or as close to it as possible — if we don’t make it, there are penalties on top of the other fees. Which is expected and no matter what, we’ll still be able to do a lot of fun things for the store. Some things might have to wait, but it’s okay. We just want to open the doors and sell books!

But since there is just over 24 hours left, we’re doing this last push, just to try to raise as much as we can. And if you can, please donate to keep an independent bookstore open in Vallejo!  (Here’s that link again.)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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