Happy Anniversary, Paul’s Boutique!


Twenty-six years ago tomorrow, Paul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys was released, and it pretty much changed my whole life.  I was obsessed, and I love it even more now than I did back then.  All day KEXP has been doing a tribute and playing all the songs sampled on the album (cost for samples in 1989: $250k — cost in 2015: $20 MILLION), and it has been fantastic.  It blows my mind that these guys — who were in their early 20s when they made it — could put together something so brilliant.

So I have been LOVING today, hearing one of my Top 5 Desert Island albums and all that went into it, and my crush on AdRock is officially rekindled.

So for you on this anniversary, here is my old piece I wrote about The Beastie Boys for Litquake a few years ago, and posted it on my old blog:

B-Boy Bouillabaisse

Enjoy and be sure you listen to Paul’s Boutique this weekend!

BEAST CRAWL! Saturday, July 11th

You guys, you guys!  I am super thrilled to be part of this weekend’s Beast Crawl, here in Oakland!  No kidding, you can type my name into the search box here and my leg of the event pops up.  (Go ahead and do that.  I’ll wait.)

(See?  Wasn’t that COOL?)

I’m part of Leg 3 at The Naming Gallery from 8-9, and I am so stoked!  I’m with pretty star-studded writers (J Otto Seibold, um, *gulp*) so I’m already freaking out.  But absolutely thrilled.  And I will be even MORE thrilled if YOU’RE there.

So be there!  It’s going to be a blast!

(and no, I have no idea what I’m reading yet…)