You guys.  YOU GUYS!

A few weeks ago I got a message from the venerable Frank Portman, aka Dr. Frank, aka frontman of The Mr. T Experience, aka author of one of my favorite YA novels, “King Dork.”  (Wait, what?  You haven’t read it?  Then get it from your local bookseller here.)  When his name appeared in my message box, I have to admit that I made a sound that sounded kind of like a goat; when I read the message I made a sound like an entire herd.  Kind of an excited bleat, if you will.

See, he asked me, upon recommendation from our mutual pal Paige, if I would be willing to do a dramatic reading from his new book, “King Dork Approximately,” for the launch party on December 7th at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland.  (Looking back I’m surprised I only bleated and didn’t pass out.  I did, however text my friend a few “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!s.”)  Now, I think he may have initially thought I was the “other” Karen Finley, but when I asked he assured me that he knew that I didn’t do anything involving yams or chocolate or Jesse Helms.  (He was very nice about it — some people, like many people who add me on Facebook, are sorely disappointed.)

So it is a HUGE and MASSIVE and EPIC honor that I get to be a part of this amazing event — check out the flyer for the seriously star-studded lineup.  I mean, whoa!  Bands, books and my favorite Go Go Girls, The Devilettes!  And the book itself is so fantastic — it picks up right where King Dork left off, with more drama and hilarity and I swear to God, I went to high school with the same kids.  So did you.

Please come down to 1-2-3-4 Go! Records on December 7th at 7 to celebrate the Bay Area’s musical and literary powerhouse Dr. Frank and the launch of the future classic, “King Dork Approximately.”  It’s going to be a blast and a night which shall live in infamy — and rock harder than AC/DC. See you there!

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