Bohemian Revival Reading at The Mission Creek Festival… And I’m One of Those Bohemians.

Hi all!

I’m thrilled and beyond honored to announce that I am part of an ALL-STAR LINE-UP at The Bohemian Revival Reading segment of The Mission Creek Festival on September 7th!

Yep, you can come hear me read, LIVE AND IN PERSON!  I will read something hopefully witty, hopefully funny, hopefully entertaining… Or I’ll just talk at you for about fifteen minutes.  But I can guarantee my cohorts The Bay Area Brit , Cori Crooks and Hollie Hardy will be fantastic!

I haven’t written anything for it yet, but considering I’m going to Paris next week and really need to start preparing for that, I might just bark cliched French phrases at you in a terrible accent much like a high-school foreign exchange student back from a semester abroad.  You know, the ones who came back from France wearing berets and pretended like they forgot American currency denominations and peppered their conversations with stuff like, “Oh mon dieu” and “quel domage” and basically annoyed everyone?  Oui, that will be MOI.

The fun starts at 6, and I hear there is wine, so please come out to Tilde, 349 15th St Oakland!  Oui, oui!

Here’s the link for more information…  And ignore the fact that I don’t have a bio.  I’m trying to be Bohemian. See you there!


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