Live… In person… ME!

Hey everybody!

I have exciting news to announce!  On Saturday, November 15th, I’ll be doing a reading at Tilde in downtown Oakland for the B.O.O.K. celebration!  I am first up at 2 pm, which means you have the rest of the afternoon to get ready for whatever hi-jinks you have planned for the evening.  I’ll be reading from one of my most influential works, as well as original material.  That sounds awfully fancy, doesn’t it?  But what it’s really going to be is a time capsule to 1981, so put on your Chemin de Fer jeans and stick a comb in your butt pocket and come on down!  It’s going to be more fun than roller skating to Peaches and Herb or shadow dancing to Andy Gibb! See you there!



349 15th St, Oakland, California 94612

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