Wanna Buy a Watch?

I don’t want an Apple watch; I’d much rather have a TeeterTotter watch.


Oh man, I loved my TeeterTotter watch.  In the grand scheme of things I probably only wore it about six times (I was not the type of child who was together enough to put on a watch every day — I didn’t really have a tight schedule and I was lucky if I remembered to put on matching shoes), but I was so fascinated by it.  It had a stars and stripes wristband (it was the ’70s, after all), was huge and made a ton of noise, and I was mesmerized by the colorful cogs and the boy and girl teeter-tottering.  (Not only was I not terribly together or fastidious, I was also easily amused.)

And while I would probably be mesmerized by an Apple watch, I don’t need it or want it.  Because I haven’t changed much — I don’t have it together enough to wear the watch I already have, nor do I have the big bucks to buy one.  I don’t even have the big bucks to buy this one:


But my birthday’s coming up, hint hint.  Because nothing says “mature adult” like sporting a watch made for messy six-year-olds.

Still, it would be awesome.

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