Yikes! Zut Alors!

Whoops, I missed yesterday!  Well, technically I missed Thursday because I hit “publish” at exactly midnight on Friday, but still.  I’m not slacking though, I promise!  But last night I was struggling and fumbling with iTunes and two computers and an iPod and a phone trying to figure out how to get songs from my ancient iBook to my newer computer and see if I could synch up my iPod and make a new playlist for a party tomorrow and I was dragging and dropping and copying and pasting and using flash drives and then there were authorization and password issues and finally I decided to just leave all my music on my old computer and use iTunes and the iPod on there and forget this whole cloud business and honestly, the whole thing was exhausting and stupid and a waste of time.

But one thing was fun about it — signing back into iTunes (it’s been ages) and seeing some old mixes I made, and listened to some old songs that brought back memories.  Like this one:

I listened to April March nonstop before I went to Paris for the first time, thinking the saturation would help me pick up the language easier.  Non.  But it was fun thinking back to those days in the early ’00s, and about my first passport and trip overseas…  And Paris…  Sigh.  C’est si bon.

Which reminds me, I need to renew my passport!

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