Be Brave (?)

My glasses are constantly dirty, so I buy lens cleaner wipes a lot. The latest box, instead of regular old plain or branded packaging, has inspirational quotes printed on brightly colored wrappers like cheesy Instagram posts or artwork found at TJ Maxx in the clearance aisle.


At first I didn’t think anything of it — inspirational quotes are everywhere, after all — but then today as I was unwrapping one to clean off my filthy glasses I thought, “Wait. What?”

WHY are there inspirational quotes on lens wipes? Are they marketed toward teenage girls who love this kind of stuff? Or people who have been crying so their glasses got dirty and they need a reminder to put on a smiling face? Or is the world so f****d up that they felt we need to be told to “Be Brave” by LENS WIPES?

Whatever the reason, it’s super weird. Even if it had funny glasses puns like, “Make a spectacle of yourself!” or “I can see clearly now!” or other crap like that — THAT I would get. But these are supposed to be motivational, a little BOOST. Like you’re going to clean your glasses and break free of dirt and sadness.

I don’t need a boost, I just need clean glasses.  But I guess I can’t blame them for trying.


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