A Book I Like. No, LOVE.

I have had a monumentally crappy day — the kind of day where everything that could possibly go wrong did.  Well, to be fair it was all little things, but they just piled up and it made me feel like the universe was conspiring against me.  But now I’m tired and calm and I see that everything is okay, except my computer smells like cat pee.  (I told you things went wrong in the most craptastic kind of ways.)

However, there was a wonderful bright spot in all this — I fell head over heels in love.  With a book.  I swear, I haven’t been this thrilled with a book in a long, long time, and want to shout from the rooftops. I am about halfway through, and don’t want it to end, yet I keep turning the pages, eager to go forward.

I’ll let Goodreads give you the blurb, but the blurb is somewhat boring.  Just trust me.  Get to your local independent bookseller (please, don’t buy from Amazon — support your local brick and mortar store!) and buy it.  Put on something cozy, get something delicious to eat or drink (that you can just nibble or sip without tearing your eyes from the page) and hunker down.  You will be so glad you did.


Day 10: A Book I Like (Number 1)

I’ve really been enjoying this 100 Day Project, and updating my website every day.  I’m proud of myself!  And I find myself thinking of things to write, what I think you might like to read, trying to write short, quick pieces instead of my usual long winded ones, which is actually a challenge.  It’s been fun!

And I keep thinking about structure.  I know it doesn’t matter — it’s my website and I can do whatever I want — but I like the thought.  So I’ll be doing HOT TOPIC call-outs on Wednesdays (I got THEE best suggestion today and I’m thrilled) and posting the finished piece on Saturdays.  I like the whole Throwback Thursday thing, a few free days, and on Wednesdays I want to do a regular “A Book I Like.”

I’m not very good at writing book reviews or copy, but I love recommending books and love it when people enjoy my recommendations. It’s one of my favorite things in the world.  I was a great bookseller! (Well, I still am to a degree on Sunday mornings at The Bookmark, so come on in!) So I’m not going to write lengthy reviews or pithy blurbs — just know if I post it here I think it’s worth going to the bookstore and picking it up.  (And yes, go to a bookstore.  They need your love.)

So tonight I’ll start with the two books I’ve read for the two book clubs I’m in this week, since they are still fresh in my mind. (As I’ve gotten older, I’m starting to forget details and plots of books I’ve read, but can remember storylines and mostly how I felt when I was through. And I do read a lot of books  It’s just that now some of them have fallen out of my head.)

The first one is Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson:


Now, I know some of you will say, “But it’s a kid’s book!”  Stop right there.  So many Young Adult books are better than many adult books these days.  I’m constantly thrilled by this genre, which just keeps getting better and better with talented, lovely writers.  This one is the cream of the crop — it’s absolutely wonderful.  And if you say, “But it’s poetry!” I’ll stop you again.  I normally prefer prose, but good poetry — its use of beautiful language and a story to tell — makes me marvel.  I marveled at this.  Five stars.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan


This one is fun — a quick read, but you think about it afterwards.  I was especially interested because of the tech vs “OK” (“Old Knowledge” = pre-internet = print books ) aspect and I love the bookstore setting.  The beginning is charming, and momentum is quick, and I liked the overall message a lot.  I’ll admit, I wanted it to be quirkier — I guess I was expecting more Tales of the City than a literary DaVinci Code, but I enjoyed that part about it, too.  Perfect airplane reading, which I appreciate the most. And bonus: the cover glows in the dark! Three stars.

Go get them and enjoy!