Packing Anxiety

No “real” post tonight — I’ve been packing for my trip to NYC tomorrow…

I don’t know why packing fills me with such anxiety, but it does.  Maybe it’s because I can’t choose what to wear, that I’ll forget something, pack only one pair of underwear, lose my luggage…  It throws me in an absolute tizzy and I always overpack.  And for work trips it’s especially not fun, because I have to pack work clothes and none of my “fun” clothes, and I feel so bleh.  (But in reality, I’m not hip enough for New York, so it doesn’t matter anyway.)  You’d think that after over 10 years of work travel I would have gotten the hang of this by now, but no.  I think I’ve gotten worse.

This time, though, I think I did okay.  Except I had based everything around the one pair of pants I couldn’t find.  But I finally did, and even found a shirt I thought I’d lost years ago in the process, along with a bag of dry-cleaning I forgot about.  If I take it in, I have a whole new wardrobe of stuff that probably doesn’t even fit anymore.  Sigh.

All I’m missing is an umbrella, but whatever, I’ll just get wet.  I have my glasses and pajamas and an extra pair of ballerina flats and a striped tee shirt, so I’ll be JUST FINE.

Except maybe I should pack a teddy bear?  Hmmm.


Next dispatch:  New York!