Big 500!

If you’re reading this, you probably got here because I forced you to “like” me on Facebook.  (And I thank you profusely.)  Back when I started this website, I made the Facebook page, connected it here, and pimped it out.  Then I got distracted, and it sat there, and that was okay.  I knew it was there, and that was enough for me.

Everything was fine until Facebook started being all, “Karen, Your Next Milestone is 500 Likes!” with the little thumbs up symbol.  And I was all, “Oh.  I have to do that?  Okay. I can pimp more.”  So I did. And today, SH-BAM!  I reached five hundred LIKES!

And because Facebook made such a big deal about it, basically forcing me to pimp myself out to the point I should be sporting a grill and large hat with a feather (according to “pimp” Halloween costumes, but I don’t actually know what real pimps wear because I don’t think I’ve ever met one — er, wait, that’s not true, but that’s a story for another post), and because my friends are kind, I hit 500 likes.

I saw it on my phone, and raced home from my writing group to see what would happen — would there be a special prize waiting for me?  Confetti?  Champagne?  A “Congratulations, You Did It!” message?  Nope, nada.  Nuthin’.  Just the little milestone thing is off my page, so the pressure is off, too, I suppose.

But that’s not really true.  There’s no champagne or confetti, but it means that 500 lovely people liked my page, and that means a lot.  That’s a lotta lovely people!  And it also means the pressure is on to write more, and that’s a really good thing.  I can handle that, and it’s pretty exciting, too.

Besides, I have champagne in the fridge.  I’m all good.



Thanks, everybody!  Cheers!


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