Twenty-six dollars.

I just got a notification from WordPress that it was time to renew my domain, and they will take $26 out of my account next month.  Which is great — if they don’t do that automatically, my site will go the way of my Flickr.  (Whoops.)  

But at the same time, while looking back at this year, I have written ONE post.  (Which makes it easy and certainly quick to look back.)  Oh, I started another and it got too long-winded and then I lost it so I probably just went and ate a whole pizza or something.  Which probably cost $26.

So the question is: Has this $26 been a waste of money, with its ONE post?  I mean, $26 isn’t chump change.  I never have $26 on me at any given time.  I barely have $6 in my bank account.  Twenty-six dollars is what I always plan to spend at Target and then spend ten times that.  So then I started thinking, “What else could I have bought with $26, besides that pizza?”

Because I can no longer spell, remember the fictional setting of “Murder, She Wrote” (Cabot Cove!) or even drive anywhere without consulting Google first, I, well, Googled it.  These are the things I found:

— Last November, while I wasn’t posting, I could have taken one year of WordPress and bought one share of Twitter stock, so I would be a multi-trillionaire maybe a few dollars richer by now

— Apparently, like, TONS of stuff from Forever 21, according to one of those teenage “Haul Girl” videos on YouTube, but I didn’t click the link because I don’t have like 26 minutes to waste and I’m never going to be 21 again, like forever

— A little over a gram of heroin in Harlem, but I didn’t click that link,either, so I don’t really know anything about what the going rate is these days

— 5 pairs of panties at Victoria’s Secret (but only while supplies last)

So I must admit, I think that this $26 for WordPress is a deal, because I don’t want any of those things listed above, but I do want my website.  Because having a “.com” after my name is priceless, and maybe I’ll even fork out another $26 for some fancy business cards with that on there so I can hand them out to people and pretend I’m a mogul of some sort.

I’d say it’s worth every penny.


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