Come to THE MOTH! November 24th


It’s happening — I’m telling a story at The Moth!

Actually, I already did.  Two weeks ago I went, and in an act of weird bravery and/or insanity, I threw my name in the hat and was picked to get up and tell a story.  I had nothing prepared — I did it on the fly, more to see if I could do it.  And I did!  I wasn’t very good (I came in 4th, I think), but I did get laughs, and I did get people coming up to me afterwards.  (My favorite were two girls who ran up to me to say, “We were the ones who were yelling about Dorothy Parker!  We love Dorothy Parker!”  Me too, and I loved those girls.)  It was really important to me to have done it because I didn’t have any friends there (except for one), and usually when I do readings I shill the audience with a bunch of friends to make to look and sound more popular than I really am.  (It works!)

However, I REALLY want everyone to come to The Moth on Tuesday!  Yes, to yell for me so people think I’m more popular than I really am, but it’s also a terrific time.  The other people’s stories are fantastic — and a lot are far more fantastic than mine.  (I’m not just saying that — really, they are.)  It promises to be a great night, and I am super honored and thrilled that I get to do this.  And I would love to see you there!

Tickets are here: TheMothSF

Facebook event here: Event (RSVP Yes!)


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