No Rest for the Wicked – December 2nd

Well, just as soon as I shook off all my nerves from the Moth (which was fun, by the way — thank you to everyone who came!), I have another storytelling event happening on Wednesday, December 2nd, at Shit Creek in The Mission! (Lost Weekend Video – 1034 Valencia St, SF)  I’m super excited to be part of this, with real, live, professional performers and comedians.  I’m no comedian, but I am going to tell a story about the most heinously hilariously decade, the 1980s.

So put on your best new wave apparel and come on down!  The fun starts at 8pm, so you can grab dinner and drinks (I sound better after a few drinks) first.  Facebook invite and information is here.

OhmiGod!  Tooootally.PatrickNagel-Unknown-009


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